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Aberdeen Restaurant Week is back for a second time this year and with over 40 Restaurants taking part there's something for everyone.

My partner and I headed to McGinty's Meal an' Ale last night to have a sneak peak of the ARW Menu and to try out our favourite dishes. McGinty's is a traditional Independent Scottish pub that opened back in 2009. Located at the top end of Union Street, it's the ideal location for a quick pint with friends or a family meal.

After its refurbishment early last year, you can now enjoy the best cask ales, draught beers, ciders, wine and spirits along with more than 100 whiskies, gins and rum; plenty of selection to choose from while watching the action on the 11 HD screens with your mates. McGinty's has a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere along with very helpful staff which makes your visit the best experience.

Mcgintys Soup
Mc Gintys Haggis Balls 2

McGinty's have chosen a great selection of foods for ARW this September, with three dishes to choose from for your starter. I went for the Soup of the Day which was a lovely, hearty bowl of Lentil. It was full of flavour with a nice spice, a nice chunky soup perfect for an Autumnal day or night. Served with a warm roll and butter it was a great choice to start my meal.

My partner decided on the crispy Haggis Balls which were served with a Whisky sauce and a little side salad. Anything with haggis involved is usually his go to as he loves it, and he was not disappointed with this starter. The portion was very generous and filling and was presented beautifully. The Whiskey sauce wasn't too overpowering so there was still a strong taste of haggis with each crunchy bite.

Mc Gintys Steak Pie
Mc Gintys Burger 2

I cannot describe how happy I was to see Steak Pie on the menu, I am such a fan of McGinty's Steak pie ever since I worked across the road a few years ago so my decision was a quick one. My plate arrived and it was full, what an amazing portion. There was a choice of chips or potatoes along with seasonal vegetables and I opted for the potatoes. The pastry was divine and underneath was a load of prime scotch beef that fell apart wonderfully, there wasn't a single bit of beef that was chewy or grizzly which I was very happy with. The seasonal vegetables was a large portion of garden peas and carrots which complemented the Steak Pie nicely.

Sam's choice wasn't a hard one either, he went for The McGinty's Burger which consisted of a beef burger topped with haggis (I told you he was a fan of haggis), onion rings and cheese. Served with the whiskey sauce, salad, coleslaw and chips. Again the portion was great as you can see there wasn't a spot left bare on the plate. The beef burger was tender and cooked medium and the spice of the haggis complimented the burger nicely. The onion rings were a nice addition as was the cheese; the best components to the making of a great burger.

Mc Gintys Cheesecake
Mc Gintys Sticky Toffee Pudding

After a short break we decided on desserts, my favourite part of any meal. I opted for the dessert of the day which was Turkish Delight Cheesecake. Now I know not everyone is a fan of Turkish Delight and it's not my first choice of sweet, but I was pleasantly surprised. The turkish delight was swirled through a vanilla cheesecake and there wasn't an overwhelming rose flavour, it was just the right amount. The cheesecake was on top of a chocolate biscuit base and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a delightful way to end my meal.

Sam chose the Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding and boy was he happy with that choice! The best way I can describe the pudding was a salad of sticky toffee pudding, not a slice, most definitely not a sliver - a slab! McGinty's have hearty portions and I'm not mad about it. Doused in a wonderfully sweet toffee sauce, filled with currents and served with a side of ice cream he ate every single morsel.

McGinty's Meal an' Ale have nailed the hearty, home cooking feeling with their dishes and I just know they're going to be very popular come Aberdeen Restaurant Week September 3rd to 9th. Get booking now to avoid disappointment!

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