#ARW2020 Pasta making class at PASTA

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As part of Aberdeen Restaurant Week, Pasta (located in Aberdeen Indoor Market) are offering pasta making classes! We were really excited to try out this interactive addition to the line-up.

As we arrived at the small eatery in the bustling market, we were greeted by the owner, Francesco, and he gave us a very warm welcome and started off by telling us the history of pasta. Having absolutely no knowledge of how to make pasta, I thought it was going to be a lot more complicated than it was, but there are only four basic ingredients - flour, egg, olive oil and a pinch of salt!

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After the brief history lesson, we got to begin making our own pasta. Working directly on the metal table, we started off by cracking our egg into a hole in the middle of our pile of flour and slowly whisking it, gradually incorporating more of the flour and then eventually kneading the mixture into a smooth dough. This is a very hands-on experience so prepare to get your hands doughy!

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After making our pasta dough, it has to be left to sit and rest for a while, so Francesco had some pre-made dough for us to roll out and create our pasta with. This was hard work to get the dough down to a suitable thickness with our wooden rolling pins but quite therapeutic and satisfying. He showed us all different kind of shapes to make with it, but we ended up keeping it simple and making tagliatelle!

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Once our pasta had been cut, we got to select the sauce we wanted to eat with it. I opted for a rich formaggi sauce (four cheeses) and Kate went for vibrant fresh pesto. Francesco disappeared to cook our dishes, reappearing moments later with two delicious looking bowls of steaming fresh pasta. I think the pasta tasted even better knowing that we had made it ourselves, and it felt so rewarding to eat it at the end!

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The class lasted around 2 - 2.5 hours and was so much fun. Francesco is a great teacher and his passion for cooking and his business really shined through, so if you have a few hours spare then you should definitely get involved in one of these classes. If not, just pay Pasta a visit anyway - you won’t regret it!

For more info on dates times and how to get involved in one of these classes, head here.

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