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Thaikhun Starters

Dining out with a Vegetarian (even one you love) used to be a bit of a chore….It was either all about the hummus, or restricted to salad. In recent times, thankfully, all that has changed. However, some cultures have always had a vegetarian bias, for a variety of reasons and that’s the genre of restaurant your friendly, neighbourhood Veggie has tended to gravitate towards.

So, when No 1 Daughter and I hit Thaikhun to sample the £10 Lunch deal as part of Aberdeen Restaurant Week, along with its friendly staff and authentic Thai “street food” atmosphere, we knew they’d be amply catering for both her six month old Veggie habit, as well as my 50 year old carnivorous one! (By the way, she’s No 1 Daughter because she’s the eldest, not because she’s the favourite. I’d say I don’t have a favourite child but that’s not quite true. The dog’s my favourite child.)

Thaikhun Drinks


Another thing that you didn’t used to get much satisfaction from when dining out was non-alcoholic drinks; invariably handed a soda n lime or the ubiquitous mix of “caffeine, phosphoric acid and caramel colouring”. But all that’s also changed in recent times. So, being in the middle of our respective working days, No 1 and I ordered two gorgeous, reasonably priced mocktails – it totally grinds my gears when I’m charged about the same price for a concoction with the most expensive ingredient removed, i.e. the alcohol-free version!

As for the food, it was Steamed Dumplings with Pork and Prawn to start, for me. I’m a dumpling devotee and these didn’t disappoint! Tasty, moist and satisfying, and just the right portion size. No 1 Daughter had the choice of two vegetarian options off the starter menu and pronounced her Veg Spring Rolls to have a good amount of filling and a “not too dense” filo pastry wrapping.

Dinner Thaikun


However, she went wild about her Veg Thai Green Curry main, which she said was terrific, with a pronounced coconut flavour, and a “beautifully fragrant” sauce containing a wide variety of vegetables. She also said it would be “too hot for you, Mum”. Which it was. But I’m a wimp in that department. Which is why my chicken Pad Thai was simply perfect for me, with its great balance of chicken and noodles, plus a good eggy heft throughout. Very satisfying, indeed.


By then we were struggling, in the nicest possible way, so we shared a Coconut Milk Pudding, which provided a not too sweet finish to a tasty meal. We also shared a new experience for us, sampling an Iced Green Tea, made with condensed milk, which turned out to be not unpleasant but contained a flavour neither of us could quite define. As we left Thaikhun, satisfied and stappit, No 1 Daughter decided that elusive flavour reminded her of a doll she once had….Which struck me as weird and reminded me why the dog really is my favourite child to hang out with.

Thaikhun Dessert

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