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We were really lucky to be asked by Aberdeen Inspired to be ambassadors for Aberdeen Restaurant Week! As part of our role, were asked to check out what Da Vinci are serving up for this Restaurant Week. Keep reading to find out what we thought...

What’s the restaurant like?

Da Vinci is a small family run Italian restaurant with heavy influences from Tuscany. They pride themselves in cooking Italian food that Italian’s would be proud of.

They may only have established themselves in 2017 but they’ve made a pretty big mark in the food scene so far! This isn’t their first Restaurant Week and we had heard lots of good things from those who have been in the past. The restaurant is tucked away down Alford Lane just off Union Street, a perfect example of a hidden gem!

What did we eat?

We had a sneak preview of the ARW three course dinner menu. As always we ordered two different things for each course so we could try each others.

A three course dinner will only cost you £20 during ARW, now that’s a bargain!

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* Fried Polenta with Artichokes. The polenta was fried until crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside. This was topped with chopped artichoke, creating a sharp finish to a creamy starter.

* Caprese. A winning combination, also a massive portion! We love how fresh this starter left us feeling. The soft mozzarella was paired with well seasoned tomatoes, all topped off with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Da Vinci


Main Courses

* Penne Al Ragu’ Bolognese. Such a classic but so well done. We really liked having the penne pasta as a change from spaghetti. We have never been able to cook pasta until it is al dente, so we were even more impressed with the perfect bite the pasta had. The sauce was really dense in flavour but not too heavy, coating each piece of pasta evenly.

* Gnocchi Quattro Fromaggi. Four cheese gnocchi, music to our ears! A creamy cheese sauce with soft gnocchi. The different cheeses combined into a velvety and buttery sauce. We think this was one of our highlights, think rich and comforting, you can’t help but keep going back for another forkful.

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* Tiramisu. It was on the menu as Aberdeen’s best and we don’t think we would disagree. A pot of creamy coffee goodness! It is definitely one of the lighter tiramisu desserts we have tried, this was welcomed after our generous serving of pasta and gnocchi.

* Bonet. This dessert was totally new to us, it was described as an Italian pudding made with chocolate, coffee and amaretti. It combined to make a totally new texture we struggled to describe. Imagine a thick chocolate cheese cake but more of a cake texture? We think it’s best you just try this one for yourself. It’s absolutely delicious!

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Wine List

We were both having soft drinks however we did notice there is an extensive wine list to accompany your meal if you fancy.

What did we think?

Overall, we were really impressed. We haven’t had an Italian meal out in a wee while and this definitely hit the spot! Rustic and fantastically cooked Tuscan food, an ideal meal out. The restaurant itself has a very homely feeling with traditional decor. The team were really attentive and friendly. The food was served with a short rest between each course, perfect for building up your appetite for the next dish.

We are definitely going to be heading back to explore more of the menu. We would recommend booking in asap for ARW, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed...

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