#ARW2020 Kirk View Cafe and Bistro Review

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Walking in, Kirk View Café & Bistro looks delightful from the moment you step in the door. It’s a bright place, the sun was shining but the little sparkly lights gave the place an even homelier feel. Despite the ongoing work at Union Terrace, the Bistro’s namesake is still in sight, still a beautiful view.

The café’s restaurant week menu contained only a selection of what appears on their regular menu but there is plenty to meet anyone’s tastes. At first glance, I thought there was no way I could choose just one option.


As I said, there was plenty of choice on the menu and I spent some time humming and haying between two dishes. The haggis or the brie? The haggis or the brie? I eventually gave up and decided that I would make a panic decision when the waiter came to take our order as whatever I said would obviously be what I really wanted. The haggis it was and that might have been the best decision I have ever made. Those who made the same choice, were also in agreement.

The handmade filo parcels were stuffed with haggis and served with whisky sauce and a side salad. The sauce was beautifully creamy and the crispiness of the filo was a lovely contrast to the soft haggis.

Across the table, others around me were digging into the breaded brie which was accompanied by a sticky cranberry dip and side salad. The delicious soup of the day was carrot and lentil.

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The selection of main courses featured on the menu was unbelievable. There is no way you wouldn’t find at least two things that you really wanted. This time I went for the Wild Mushroom risotto, topped with parmesan and garlic bread. I love risotto but it can be a bit hit or miss depending where you are. At Kirk View it is undoubtedly a hit.

If you decided to go for the bruschetta, there was also a range of toppings to tickle your fancy. The chicken and bacon carbonara and the BBQ Melt also looked divine.

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The Kirk View Café is a lovely joint, bright and inviting. The menu is great and definitely leaves you with the desire to head back to try the other options you didn’t choose this time around.

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