#ARW2020 McGinty's Meal an' Ale Review

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The sun was shining but like usual it was a deceivingly nippy day in Aberdeen so stepping into the warm atmosphere of McGinty’s Meal & Ale was a blessing. The cosy pub was inviting and we were met at the bar by smiling faces. We made our way to a quiet corner at the back ready for our Tuesday treat.


We each started off with something different, every dish, unsurprisingly went down very well. No fault could be found with the Spicy Chilli Nachos and the Haggis Bon Bons were the biggest we had ever seen. I had the soup of the day (carrot, honey & ginger), served with a garnish of coriander on top. The soup had a lovely kick, carried by the ginger and a hint of sweetness from the honey.

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After quickly scoffing our starters we were glad of a few minutes rest before we were on to the next course. McGinty’s Restaurant Week menu of course includes their famous Steak Pie; however, we were swayed by the cheesy promise of the pub’s Creamy Macaroni Cheese and the Golden Breaded Scampi.

Accompanied with a side salad and a choice between chips or garlic bread, the macaroni was certainly cheesy. Living up to its name, the sauce was light and creamy, a short time in the oven was enough to melt the cheese on top and give it that extra something.

The scampi was every bit as delicious, just the perfect crispiness, they came alongside a helping of peas, a side salad and a handful of fluffy chips. The portion sizes are extremely generous, especially considering the set prices.

We tried our best to clear our plates but rather reluctantly resigned that our eyes were bigger than our bellies.

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Final Thoughts

The service was great, the staff were very friendly. McGinty’s is very cosy, perfect to duck into out of the Aberdeen chill. The ideal place to wind down, have a few drinks and some good food. Would definitely recommend.

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