#ARW2020! Revolucion de Cuba Review

Lunch Buffet

I'm a big fan of their cocktails, tapas and weekend brunch so when Revolucion de Cuba invited me in to get a sneak preview of their 2020 Restaurant Week menu I was only happy to oblige ;-)

First things first - would you prefer a classic, raspberry or virgin mojito? Raspberry for me please and virgin for the driver (sorry husband)! I have to tell you, I was SO glad there was the option between classic or raspberry because I really don't like a classic mojito (don't judge, OK!) but the raspberry was deelish! I think it's great that they give you the option.


The Starters

Next up was to choose our starters. And little did we know it was also to be the next pleasant surprise. I went for the calamari which was really good - but it was the husband’s vegan beetballs that really caught us off guard (in a good way), and for a couple of reasons. 1) They didn't overly taste of beetroot and 2) the texture was nothing like beetroot. I don't really like beetroot, but I could've eaten a hundred of these little guys. There's clearly some sort of wizardry going on here.


Main Course

I've eaten at Revolucion de Cuba a few times now, but I've never actually ordered a 'main course' - I've always gone for their tapas. This takes us on to our third pleasant surprise. The main courses were (pardon my French, but) bl**dy awesome! Big hearty bowls of deliciousness. Alistair (that's the husband btw) ordered the beef ropa vieja and I went for the chicken enchilada (they also do a vegan one too). Both were really good but if I had to choose to order one again it would be the enchilada. In my experience elsewhere they would normally be overly smothered in sauce but this one was just the right amount and a good amount of filling too. Oh, and those beans! *drools on laptop*


The Desserts

The literal icing on the cake was the desserts and the final pleasant surprise of our visit. We ordered the chocolate brownie and the chocolate & raspberry slice to finish. I honestly thought I was going to get 2 puddings because Alistair doesn't really have a sweet tooth. And I also thought I'd prefer the chocolate & raspberry slice. Well, it was the gooey chocolate brownie that won my sweet tooth over and Alistair practically licked his plate clean.


Final Thoughts

So in a nutshell Revolucion de Cuba was a lovely evening of pleasant surprises. And I don't mean this because I was expecting it to be bad. Quite the opposite actually. I'm a bit of a creature of habit so tend to order things I know I like (even though I always pretend I'm going to try something different - it never happens)! So, when I thought I couldn't have a sweet fruity cocktail, tapas or churros I wasn't sure I would enjoy it as much. WRONG! They are definitely more than just a tapas trick pony!


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