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It was a rainy Monday afternoon, so it was the perfect opportunity to go for a nice meal! We decided to head to Thaikhun and test out their #ARW2020 menu. The staff in Thaikhun are always so welcoming and kind, and it’s beautifully decorated inside.

Thaikhun Aberdeen


For my starter I decided to go for the steamed pork and prawn dumplings. Normally I would have gone for the spring rolls, but I decided to try something different and they were so yummy. They weren’t what I would normally expect a dumpling to look like, as I’m used to dumplings being wrapped in a sort of pastry but they were still tasty nonetheless.

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For my main I went for the tofu pad thai (which is a favourite of mine!). If you don’t like tofu you can swap it out for a meat option. It was a huge portion size and great value for money! My only disappointment with the pad thai was that the tofu wasn’t as expected - normally it’s deep fried but this time around it was grilled. It still tasted good though.

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It was only £10 for two courses, which is a steal given that it would usually cost £17 for both these dishes! If you feel like going all out you can even add a dessert which would bring it up to £20. If you love Thai food then Thaikhun is somewhere you should definitely check out during Aberdeen Restaurant Week!

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