#ARW2020 Visit to Mackies 19.2

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After an enthusiastic mini gymnastics session with our wee ones, I headed to Mackies 19.2 at Marischal Square with some mum friends for a mid-morning pick me up and to take advantage of the great deal they are running for Aberdeen Restaurant Week. Their offer is two sweet crepes and two hot drinks for only £10! What a way to celebrate pancake day eve!

It was a dismal day weather wise so we were happy to take cover in the vibrant café and knew the hot crepes and drinks would counterbalance the chill from the ice cream! After much deliberation over the menu we all opted to go off-piste and ‘create our own’ and ordered at the counter while the kids gazed longingly at the vast array of ice cream flavours on offer.

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Crepes include your choice of ice cream, a sauce and two toppings plus whipped cream and a Mackies 19.2 wafer to top it all off. The ice cream choices included cookies and cream which was a firm favourite for the three adults with toppings such as fresh fruit, roasted hazelnuts, mini marshmallows and toffee pieces. As for the ever-running melted chocolate taps, I cannot think of anything more tempting, so we all topped off our crepes with these.

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Our three toddlers shared the fourth crepe with strawberry swirl ice cream, fresh strawberries and banana and a sweet blueberry sauce.

I never say no to a Mackie’s hot chocolate so I ordered that as did Amy and we asked for a warm milk for the other hot drink so the kids could all have a little ‘baby chino’! Claire opted for a decaf latte.

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As expected, everything was delicious and we cleared our plates – the littles ones were a bit surprised to be offered such an extravagant snack but very much enjoyed, evident from the mess created at our table!

The light airy café has a relaxed vibe and the toddlers enjoyed dashing about while we finished our drinks before departing back out into the Aberdeen rain!

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