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Bistro Verde is one of the longest standing fish restaurants right at the heart of the city centre. Just a short stroll from Union Street on the quiet cobbles of The Green, it's the ideal location to meet with friends for lunch at the weekend, or take the family for a delicious fresh meal away from the noise and chaos of the high street.

They pride themselves on serving the freshest fish delivered daily, but cater to all other veggie/vegan/whatever else might crop up preferences, and also serve a pretty darned good cocktail these days too.

It's very rarely that I eat fish, sticking to a vegetarian diet 99% of the time, but for the odd time when those fish cravings kick in, I thought where better to review this restaurant than Bistro Verde!

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The Starters.

I'm a big fan of a fishcake so when I spotted them on the starter menu, I was instantly sold. The duo of fishcakes included Hake with beetroot tartar, and peppered mackerel with a lime and coriander yogurt.

The portion size was just right and the presentation was beautiful and well considered. An extra wedge of lime squeezed all over really added a fresh zing to the dish and brought it all together. The thing that really struck me the most was the freshness of the flavour of the fish, and how well both of the respective sauces that they delicately perched on top of complimented the flavours of the fish.

This was my favourite course of the whole meal, so I highly recommend that you give this one a try!

The other half finally got to accompany me to this final meal review of the week, and I could have guessed before he did that he would order the Cullen Skink, he makes a mean version himself, so of course he likes to see how others size up.

The verdict was that the soup was creamy and tasty, with plenty of chunks of potato throughout. The smoked fish had a subtle presence in this soup, so if like me you're not the biggest fan of smoked fish, give this one a try, I obviously stole a wee taste and really enjoyed it!

I washed the starter down with a 'Peach Cooler' cocktail, a light, fruity refreshing drink with a vodka and ginger ale to give it a kick, super tasty.

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The Mains

As is totally predictable with us when we go out, we ended up with our hearts set on the same main and neither of us were willing to budge; Tagliatelle with a creamy white wine sauce, which can be topped with a choice of seabass and mussels, chicken and mushroom, or tofu and vegetables, which I thought was a pretty fab customisable option.

I went for the seabass on its own, Grant for the full works of seabass and mussels. We would have loved to have given the 'Oven baked cod, chorizo crust, with mixed bean cassoulet and summer greens' a bash had it not been for the Chorizo, but I did witness an enormous chunk of juicy looking cod arrive in front of a gentleman next to me, who ate every last bite and had a smile on his face the whole time, so I'm taking this as a sign that it was pretty tasty!

Anyway, back to our pasta...the Seabass was perfectly cooked, and there was plenty of it! With crisp skin and flakey fish on the underside, this had obviously been cooked with expertise. The mussels got a definite thumbs up from Grant, and the nice big wedges of lemon on top really brought out the delicate flavours.

The pasta had plenty of sauce, which consisted of quite simple flavours. If you like food that isn't over complicated, you'll love this, but for myself who likes a flavour sensation to explode in my mouth with every bite (I don't ask for much, eh?) a nice whack of garlic and a bit more seasoning really would have brought this dish to life.

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The Desserts.

As is also very typical of us, we can never decide between a pudding and a cheese board, so we went with our usual solution of getting one each and splitting them, the best of both worlds, right?!

The dessert was a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, which in a considerate touch was served to us in two bite-sized portions instead of one big one. The consistency was more of a mousse than that of cheesecake to me, but the sweet fresh berries and slightly salty crumbly base created a nice contrast. I couldn't really pick up on the white chocolate, but I ate every sweet bite anyway!

We just about had room for a few chunks of cheese on top of lovely wee oatcakes, which were accompanied by a sweet onion chutney and some cute frozen grapes.

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Don't forget to book in advance this Restaurant week to get some fabulous fresh fish dishes for outstanding value for money, I'm sure spaces at Bistro Verde will fill up very quickly!

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