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Our final review for ARW2018 and its a belter! We visited Scotland's only cheese toastie restaurant this weekend to sample what they have on offer for lucky customers during restaurant week. The deal is £10 for the toastie of the week, any brownie and any milkshake. Yes it is as good as it sounds!

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The location

Just a short walk from Union street you know you are getting close when you get that great grilled cheese aroma sparking your tastebuds into action before you even reach the front door! The chic wee takeaway store on Holburn Street is beautifully adorned with 70s vintage décor, and proudly boasts the best brownies in Aberdeen(probably). And after trying them - I agree!

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We arrived at noon on Saturday, ready for some fuel after our late finish the previous evening. In desperate need of something comforting Melt was ready and waiting to deliver. The toasties are made to order and cooked ingeniously on the grill with these cool weights that ensure the bread gets a full crispy covering. The shop was packed and I don't think I was the only one salivating in amazement when I seen the overflowing bread sandwich coming through from the kitchen ready to be pressed on the grill. The fillings were more than generous, and I will definitely be returning to sample the famous "bruiser" toastie that is stuffed with mac and cheese, smoked bacon and haggis!

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Toasties acheiving 100% crispiness

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The Toastie

For restaurant week the toastie on offer is a jalepeno popper special. Once we received our order we retreated to the wee park at Rubislaw Terrace Gardens leaving a trail of salivation all the way from the shop. The Jalepenos provide a nice heat and pickled relief from the indulgent cheese filling. These are surrounded by cream cheese which also gives a nice light contrast to the melty cheese. Having been a lover of toasties from a very early age, and regularly getting the Breville out at home, this was hands down my best Toastie experience ever!

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The Milkshakes

So with the toasties hitting topmarks - next up was the milkshakes. It is not just plain old strawberry or chocolate, the milkshakes on offer are of the gourmet variety. I opted for the peanut brittle consisting of peanut butter Ice cream, peanut butter, milk and ice cream. G went for the cherry bakewell with dark cherry ice cream, milk, almond syrup and a maraschino cherry. There was also a Nutella or Biscoff option which both sound top drawer too.

The milk shakes look almost as good as they taste, also nice to see they are served with paper straws.

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The Brownies

As I said above, the shop boasts that they probably have the best brownies in Aberdeen. I can't help but agree with this. With an array of flavours including peanut butter and jelly, cookie dough, biscoff, white choc and raspberry, and the choice of some gluten free options. They really do make your life difficult in picking only 1!! Sticking with my peanut butter theme, I opted for the peanut butter and jelly option. All I can say is Reese's eat your heart out. It is worth the journey just for this square of gooey, crispy, rich chocolatey goodness. Rounded off with a little saltiness from the peanut butter and some sweetness from the jelly. This really is a brownie to behold.

G opted for the nutella & sea salt option. Which also packed a punch of chocolate and kept her smiling long into the afternoon!

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G patiently waiting for our toasties!

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They are.

Talk of the evening.

We headed off to a dinner that evening and I do not exaggerate one bit that our Melt experience was the talk of the table, prompting a few to head there on sunday to try out the incredible offerings.

There are also other things afoot at Melt HQ, in that they have a crowdfunding campaign set up for the new project of opening Melt 2 in Aberdeen's Belmont Street. This will be Scotland's first ever 'Cheese Restaurant'. Seeing the love and care that is put into their toasties, milkshakes and brownies, I cant help but think that Melt 2 will also be a hugely successful venture. Head to Melts social media pages for information on how you can be part of this bagging all sorts of rewards for pledging.

Head to Melt between 3rd -9th September to try out there ARW2018 special and remember to keep your receipt for the bistro bingo entry.

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