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Hi! I'm Nikki - the face behind the food photos on Nikki eats the world. I'm a new brand ambassador to the Aberdeen Restaurant Week team for 2019.

Why am I here? Well it's simple really. Whether it be fast food, Michelin star dining or anything in between, I absolutely love my food. I decided to take my passion for food global just under a year ago and have already enjoyed sharing my food adventures from as far afield as the USA and New Zealand, and most recently Greece. A bit closer to home I'm a keen supporter of ‘eat local’ so tend to go to Aberdeen's independent foodie spots (although I do have a couple of favourite 'chains' too). You're also quite likely to find me with a cheeky gin in my hand!

So anyway, enough about me and more about Aberdeen Restaurant Week! You know the drill - £10 for 2 courses and £20 for 3 courses. And there is lots of choice with 35+ restaurants taking part. But sometimes too much choice can be a challenge. So to save you the time looking through all 70 menus (for lunch and dinner) I've whittled it down to my top ten tips to #ARW2019!

1. Bistro Verde

If you fancy seafood Bistro Verde is where it's at. The fish cakes, calamari, fish & chips and fish pie all sound amazing. And I have it on good authority the Cullen skink soup is reeeaaalllllly good. Or if you're anything like me and can't turn down another Scottish classic, the haggis spring roll starter sounds delish.

View Bistro Verde's menu here

2. Brewdog Castlegate

When only a burger will do Brewdog do the best in Aberdeen (in my opinion)! Choose from beef, chicken or vegan and pair with a recommended BrewDog beer. Oh and the gooey mac and cheese balls starter ... need I say more?! (drools on laptop)

View Brewdog's menu here

​3. Cafe 52

The thought of both the pate's (mackerel and chicken liver) and casserole's (chicken & chorizo and beef) on Cafe 52's menu are literally making my mouth water. Anyone wanna go halfers?! If the sun makes an appearance this week, this is a perfect spot for a bit of city centre alfresco dining. Or if you're planning to go with a big group of friends/family/colleagues why not book the shepherd's hut?

View Cafe 52's menu here

​4. Cafe Andaluz

One of my few favourite chain restaurants is Cafe Andaluz. Their restaurant week dinner menu is such great value for money. For £20 you get bread/olives, 3 tapas and a dessert. You absolutely have to order the Queso De Cabra Al Horno (grilled goats’ cheese topped with orange and chilli marmalade). Yum yum YUM!!!

View Cafe Andaluz's menu here

5. Cafe Boheme

I went to Cafe Boheme during restaurant week back in February and (in my best Janice from friends voice) ... Oh. My. God. Onion soup topped with grilled cheese - who knew?! The French are geniuses! If you haven't tried this bowl of deliciousness before, you absolutely have to. Immediately.

View Cafe Boheme's menu here

​6. Food Story

Probably the best vegetarian/vegan cafe in Aberdeen, you just know Foodstory will bring the meat-free goods. Their menu quite simply sounds ace. And it's guaranteed to be so bloody photogenic. Trust me - your Instagram will love it.

View Food Story's menu here

​7. Kirk View

I think my vote for the best menu goes to Kirk View. Can I order one of everything please?! Everything is made fresh and the team are always so friendly. Such a handy spot for a pre/post theatre if you're taking the kids to see Zog at His Majesty's Theatre this week.

View Kirk View's menu here

8. Mackie's 19.2

Now, if you're smart about this you could go for a 2 course for £10 menu (starter and main course) somewhere and then head to Mackie's 19.2 for dessert. They're doing 2 sweet crepes and 2 hot drinks for £10 this week. My favourite ice cream is the Scottish tablet or the buttery and jam.

View Mackie's 19.2's menu here

9. Revolucion de Cuba

If like me you have a problem with indecision then head straight to Revolution de Cuba. Their tasting menu for 2 includes 11 tapas dishes (no that is not a typo!) for £40. And they all sound super tasty. If you fancy a wee (OK, large!) tipple with your dinner then I recommend the Mango Passion Punchbowl.

View Revolucion de Cuba's menu here

​10. The City

Last but definitely not least is the hidden gem that is The City. Don't even bother looking at the menu. Just order Polly's bbq fried chicken. It is so moreish! And it comes with sweet potato fries topped with marshmallows. MARSHMALLOWS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. And Polly herself is an absolute star!

View The City's menu here

​Bonus tip - Carmelite

If you're also a big fan of gin then you're in luck. Carmelite are doing a gin tasting experience before dinner on Thu 18th (Pickerings) and Fri 19th (Esker).

View Carmelite's menu here

Find out about all the restaurants taking part in #ARW2019 and have a peek at their menus here

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