Put your paws up for Aberdeen Restaurant Week!

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Howdy folks, my name is Archie the Mini Doodle and I am five years old.

My humans (Mum, Dad and big brother) took me over from America two years ago to my new home in the Granite City! It took a little bit of getting used to at the start as there were new smells, the weather is a little different from Ohio and I have had to get used to some new accents.

The humans in Aberdeen are super friendly and always want to take my picture and scratch my ears – I can’t work out why, but Mum says it’s because I am adorable, so I need to find out what that means! I love roaming the streets and going out for days out with the family in town, and the best thing is I can sit with my humans too.

I went out for a wee wander with my new human friends from Aberdeen Inspired to check out some Aberdeen Restaurant Week puppy friendly places!

BrewDog Castlegate

They love doggo’s so much in here they even put it in their name! The BrewDog humans told me that I could have my birthday party here too and invite all my fluffy friends – must remember to tell mum about this!

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Just checking out the menu!

AVO – Aberdeen Market

The humans were eating a lot of green things next to me and Francesco the human owner said I would like it if I tried it – think I will stick to my Boneo’s for now. I met lots of nice new humans who wanted to take my picture too; they said they were starring in the Pantomime at the Tivoli!

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Making friends with the humans!

Café 52 – Aberdeen

It was too hot to sit inside Café 52 so I decided to chill outside – having a huge fluffy coat can be a pain in the summer. The human working there told me the owner loves dogs – I’ll have to come back to pay him a special visit!

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Trying to catch a spot of shade...

Hop & Anchor

I usually think my sense of direction is pretty good, but this big sign helped me find my way into Hop & Anchor! There was another pupper inside when I visited, but I’m a bit shy around new dogs so I couldn’t stay long.

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Beer here!

Kirk View Café

Kirk View Café only allows small dogs, so I’m a bit too big to go in! Maybe some of my smaller furry friends can visit here, the food smelt so tasty from outside!

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Mackie’s 19.2

I enjoy alfresco dining so I waited outside patiently for my mum. Whilst I was sitting outside there was a HUGE cat staring at me. Mum told me it was actually a leopard! I always like to be helpful, so when we went to Mackie’s 19.2, I carried the human’s treats back to the office – everyone was so happy!

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Its super popular here and there’s always something going on. The humans here told me that there is sometimes live music; I’ll think I’ll come back for a doggy dance and sing-along!

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I had a great time exploring some of the dog friendly places in Aberdeen, but I was super tired after walking around all day. I think I deserve a long nap and lots of treats for being such a good boy. I’ll be sure to tell all of my other fluffy friends where to head with their humans!

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