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City Bar Diner
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In the city centre you’ll find The City Bar and Diner nestled behind the new Marischal Square development. Now this is a real hidden gem. Walking into the City Bar and Dinner you are instantly greeted by friendly staff. Especially the lovely Polly who makes your whole dining experience a joy.

The service is quick and the menu is full with a mix of appetizing options for lunch. From Soups to Sandwiches, Burgers and Traditional Scottish Meals you’ll be sure to find something you like.. I took my parents along with me to try out The City Bar & Diner’s Lunch Menu.. My parents are loving all this meals out I tell you!

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We went straight for main meals this time around and I went for the Chipotle chilli Hot Dog which is not something I would go for usually as I’m not a huge spicy food fan.. And just a psa the chilli is very spicy so beware if you’re not a spicy food lover. But wow it was amazing.

Once I got over the hotness of the chilli I really enjoyed the meal. I have never had chilli that good before, we asked Polly how they cooked the chilli, she told us it is cooked for a good six hours and made from Chipotle Chillies with added brisket, choco and some chocolate too! The hot dog underneath the chilli was a classic smoky hotdog that really mixed well with the chilli. And the chips were thick cut fat chips that were so fluffy!

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My mum went for the meetball sub and in living my best Joey Tribbiani life I had to give this a try. I only tried a little of the meetball and it tasted so fine, I definitely will be ordering that next time I visit.

My dad went for the city burger with Monterey Jack Cheese which I would of loved to have tasted too but being unable to eat cheese myself I had to give this one a miss. However he said it was a lovely burger and the monterey jack cheese added so much to the flavour.

There was a little mix up with the food which was from both parties but the staff were so accommodating and the issue was resolved within minutes. This really added to the experience of the meal as the staff could of been nothing but helpful during the mix up.

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For dessert we shared the apple crumble it was the best apple crumble I’ve ever tasted. It was the perfect mix of sweet and spicy with a rich cinnamon taste. It was like Christmas in your mouth. Served with Ice Cream and Cream the crumble was the definitely highlight of the meal.

We had a great meal at The City Bar & Diner & all left so full. This is a perfect location to grab some tasty lunch if you are working in the city centre or even out & about for the day. I can’t recommend The City Bar & Diner enough.

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