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Growing up in Aberdeen, I have seen this particular venue transform a number of times over the years. From Jam offering cheap apple sours and sticky floors, to upmarket cocktail bar Amicus Apple, this place brings teenage memories flooding back. (Some I may like to forget!)

Opening last week, The Spiritualist has already made a big impression on the locals of Aberdeen. This is evident on Instagram as a flurry of stories appeared showing off their signature Ice ball cocktails. (I have to say I have been intrigued to try these all week!) The last time I went out mid-week it was a student night but this Wednesday oozed a little more sophistication.

To my surprise the place was jam packed, full of big groups enjoying dinner and a few drinks. The interior of The Spiritualist is just beautiful, with tones of mint green on the walls, accents of copper and dreamy velvet booths all pulled together by a team who have some serious taste.

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My friend and I were welcomed by a lovely waitress who showed us to our velvety booth of dreams and could not have been more helpful. We ordered a bottle of vino and it arrived in a lovely copper wine buckets - very in keeping with the interior decor. Once we were settled the waitress came over with two of their speciality ice ball cocktails on the house (nice touch!) Having previously seen the cocktails on Instagram, I was incredibly excited to get my hands on the tiny hammer and crack into my strawberry daiquiri.

The iceball cocktail hit the spot, especially as I had not eaten since lunchtime, so it was definetly time to look at the menu and order some food.

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I opted for the chicken and chorizo croquettes, a favourite of mine and something that I am compelled to order every time I see it offered on a menu. They arrived hot, fresh and crispy - making for the perfect croquette in my opinion. They where tasty and nicely seasoned and honestly I could have ate a whole plate of them. My pal opted for the prawn cocktail, which arrived impeccably presented with the prawn mixture topped on individual lettuce cups. The starter was fresh and offered everything you would want from the fishy retro classic.


Main Event

The Spiritualist signature dish 'Hanging Grills' were on offer for main course and came in 5 different varieties. We opted for a prawn and chorizo and lamb kofta versions, which came with skinny fries, giant cous cous salad and moroccan flatbreads. We were suitably impressed when the grills arrived, swinging away as the waitress came over to the table with them. The waitress explained to us that the accompanying sauce needed to be poured over the top of the grill so that it would dribble down over the meat and fish underneath. The grills looked just as good as they tasted, both cooked well and full of flavour. I am not a massive fan of lamb, but this dish packed a flavoursome punch and was perfectly cooked. The prawn and chorizo version offered the perfect mix of fishy and meaty goodness, but was not overpowered by the saltiness of the chorizo.



I decided to opt for the hot cookie and salted caramel ice cream dish and my pal had the sticky toffee pudding. Both dishes arrived hot and freshly cooked, with no trace of being pinged in the microwave. The cookie tasted more like a piece of chocolate chip shortbread, which for me was not a bad thing as this is also a favourite of mine, and the creamy salted caramel ice cream was the perfect accompaniment. My pal absolutely loved the sticky toffee pudding and commented that it could be in her top 5 best ever 'STP’s'. High praise indeed! The pudding was moist and laden in toffee sauce, with a dollop of fresh vanilla ice cream.

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All in all, we had a great evening at The Spiritualist and think that it is a great, glamorous addition to Aberdeen. A fantastic place to catch up with friends, go on a date or celebrate a special occasion over a tiny hammer cocktail or 2…

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