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It’s Aberdeen Restaurant Week Time!

What could be better than great food in fantastic restaurants all within Aberdeen City centre?

Easy answer, when the restaurants create a two course lunch menu for £10 and a three course dinner menu for £20!!

If you’ve not heard of Aberdeen Restaurant Week you have been seriously missing out.

Restaurant week is hitting Aberdeen again from the 15th-21st of July (next week!!). Organised and run by the Aberdeen Inspired team who are super passionate about promoting and supporting local businesses and restaurants. There are over 33 different restaurants joining in this year, offering an incredible variety of cuisines in a number of different locations across the city!

If you’ve found yourself always saying, “I’ve always wanted to go there” or “I’ve heard it’s good there” this is the perfect time to try out some of the fantastic food on offer throughout Aberdeen, for a bargain price!

Check out Aberdeen Inspired’s website for a full list of restaurants taking part this year. All the menus are uploaded for you to have a look through, because let’s be honest...who doesn’t plan what they are ordering days before they go. Or maybe that’s just us?

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So what's actually on offer?

The main concept is a a two course lunch for £10 or a three course dinner for £20! But this year a number of restaurants have a few different things on offer!

For example; Revolution de Cuba have a tasting menu, The Carmelite are offering a gin tasting and one of the most interesting additions this year is by SO...

They have a pop-up restaurant, Sneap, over the course of the week they are offering five different menus across five separate nights! Is that an excuse to go every day? We think so!

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Where are we recommending?

We have a few favourites spots we are keen to check out this year...

[•] Foodstory, renowned for their delicious vegan/vegetarian cooking, we think this is going to be incredible!

[•] Kirkview Cafe, a family run bistro with a focus on local ingredients! All we are saying is... Salt and Pepper Calamari, yes please!

[•] Mackies 19.2, looking for a sweet treat, Mackies have got you covered... 2 crepes and 2 hot drinks for £10, what a bargain!

[•] Da Vinci, we are heading here and cannot wait! We have heard nothing but glowing reviews! Traditional and tasty Italian food!

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We are so excited to be involved in Restaurant Week, we think it’s a brilliant opportunity to try out some of the fantastic places we have in Aberdeen!

Follow Aberdeen Inspired on Instagram and check out their website to be kept up to date with all the latest!

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